Water Pipe leak Repairs

If your pipes have a leak, or you are having other pipe-related issues in Auckland (such as reduced water pressure) then you’ll appreciate the expertise, professionalism and great service you receive from Trade Guys Plumbing. From up-front pricing to guaranteed workmanship, our qualified plumbers can help you.

Water Pipe leak Repairs

Our Plumbing can assist with all your pipe leaks and repairs:

LOCATING LEAKS – Wherever your leak is located – behind walls, under floorboards, underground or in concrete, you can be sure we’ll accurately locate it and repair it fast.

REPAIRING YOUR LEAK – We can have one of our professional plumbers at your home quickly to be with you today to provide an expert assessment and repair to your pipe issue. Day or night, 365 days a year

REPIPE PLUMBING – Because older pipes, such as galvanised pipes, are particularly prone to corrosion which can lead to poor water quality and taste, we can assist with a repiping solution such as replacing your older galvanised pipes with more reliable copper pipes. With the latest in repiping technology, we can also offer solutions that will cause the minimal disruption to the area surrounding your pipes.

LOW WATER PRESSURE – If you have been experiencing low water pressure and would like a reliable and consistent water pressure for your home or business, we can offer you the right solution for your needs.

NOISY PIPE REPAIRS – If you have noisy pipes, such as ‘hammer’ pipes, which is when there is loud shuddering from your pipes each time your water turns on and off (such as when your washing machine is running), then you need it seen to before it causes further unnecessary damage. We can offer a range of solutions that will help and have you enjoying peaceful water usage as it should be.

DISCOLOURED OR OFF TASTING WATER – If you’ve noticed a discoloured water or have a change in taste, we can offer a range of solutions to have you enjoying the reliable and safe drinking water that you need.

FRIENDLY PLUMBERS – Our plumbers are clean, on time and friendly professionals who take the time to listen to your needs and answer any questions you may have about the work needing done.

For all your leaks and pipe plumbing needs in Auckland, call our plumbing experts today

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