Toilet & Sewer Blockages

No one has more experience with blocked toilets or sewers in Auckland than our very own plumbing guys! All of our staff have been worked in the plumbing maintenance industry for years and have vast and useful experience a wide range of toilet & sewer pipe repairs & maintenance

We can unblock most blocked drains quickly and cleanly, using the latest technology available.

A blocked drain can cause trouble if it is not dealt with quickly. You may need to call your local plumber to check for a blocked drain if:

  • Your sink, bath, shower or toilet is draining slowly (or not at all).
  • Your sink, toilet or household drains are making a ‘gurgling’ sound.
  • The water level in your toilet is significantly higher or lower than normal.
  • And of course, if you have an overflow from your toilet or drain.

Diagnosing blocked drains

There’s usually no need to go digging to find out what’s blocking your stormwater or sewer line.

As a start, we use up-to-date Auckland Council GIS water & sewer diagrams, so we can locate your line quickly and easily.

We then use the latest Locating technologies to precisely identify the drain blockage. We also use Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Camera Drain surveys, which provide a clear indication of the condition of your drains.

Clearing your blocked drains

We have invested in advanced high pressure water jet technology that enables us to quickly and easily cut through root-infested blocked drains, to unblock drains fast.

Keeping your drains clear

The easiest and most cost effective way to keep your drains clear is to jet and schedule regular CCTV Camera Drain Surveys. Using these preventative measures, you can identify and eliminate any potential blockages.

Toilet & Sewer Blockages

Among our most popular and effective toilet, sewer and drain cleaning services are:

    • Toilet replacement

    • Fixing leaky toilets

    • Unclogging blocked drains

    • Sewer line repairs & replacement

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