Rental Housing Warrant of Fitness

Rental housing Warrant of Fitness Repair & Maintenance Specialist. Does your Rental property meet recommended livable requirements?

Did you know that in a recent test, more than 90 per cent of New Zealand rental homes inspected in a pilot warrant of fitness test failed to pass. 36 per cent of the homes inspected would require only a few minor fixes, estimated to cost between $50 – $150, to pass the WOF.

Top five failed criteria:

• 40 per cent of houses did not pass the water temperature check.

• 30 per cent of bedrooms did not have a working smoke alarm within 3 metres of the bedroom.

• 31 per cent of houses lacked code-compliant handrails and balustrades.

• 37 per cent of houses did not pass the check for having a fixed form of heating.

• 38 per cent of houses did not pass the security stays check.

Inspections look at weather tightness, insulation and ventilation, lighting, heating, condition of appliances and general building safety.

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Rental Property WOF checklist:

1. Is there a functional, safe stove-top and oven?
2. Is there adequate space for food preparation and storage?
3. Is there an adequate supply of hot and cold potable water?
4. Is the hot water at the tap 55C (+ or – 5C?)
5. Is there a functional toilet, which does not have a cracked or broken seat, cistern or bowl?
6. Is there a suitably located bath or shower in good working order?
7. Are there secure or high level cupboards or shelves for storing hazardous or toxic substances out of children’s reach?
8. Is there a fixed form of safe and effective space heating?
9. Do the bathroom, kitchen and all bedrooms have some form of ventilation to outside?
10. Is the house reasonable free of visible mould, i.e. the total area of mould is less than an A4 sheet of paper?
11. Are the power outlets and light switches safe and in good working order?
12. Is there adequate indoor lighting?
13. Does the house have adequate working smoke alarms?
14. Have the windows got effective latches?
15. Have high windows got security stays?
16. Are there curtains or blinds in the bedrooms and living areas?
17. Do glass doors have safety visibility strips?
18. Does the house have thermoplastic insulated cabling?
19. Does the house have ceiling insulation to WoF standards?
20. Does the house have underfloor insulation to WoF standards?
21. Is the house watertight with no evident leaks, or moisture stains on the walls or ceiling?
22. Is a ground vapour barrier installed under the ground floor?
23. Is the house in a reasonable state of repair?
24. Is the storm and waste water drainage being adequately discharged?
25. Is there any water ponding under the house?
26. Is there outdoor lighting near entrance ways?
27. Does the house appear to be structurally sound?
28. Are there handrails for all internal stairs and all outdoor steps that access the house, and do balconies/decks have balustrades to the current Building Code?
29. Is there fire egress to the current Building Code?
30. Is the address clearly labelled and identifiable?
31. Are there securely locking doors?

If you own a rental property in Auckland and need regular property repairs & maintenance, or would like to ensure your rental property is up to Rental Housing Warrant of Fitness standard, you should call us first.

Inspection costs range between $300 + gst to $700 + gst

We have all trades in house, to take care of those property WOF needs and requirements, so there is no need to organise multiple companies…. we are your Rental WOF one stop shop.

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