Auckland Lighting Electrician

Our Auckland electrical team can install a wide variety of lighting products, including a full range of energy efficient solutions for residential, commercial and industrial purposes such as LED lighting and High Intensity Discharge Lighting.

We also provide a range of sensors and timer solutions which can dramatically decrease your energy usage by ensuring that your lighting is only switched on when it is needed.

Lighting Solutions include:
• Commercial lighting in suspended ceilings – Shop lighting, fluorescent light fittings, compact fluorescent down lights etc
• High-bay lighting
• Office lighting
• Mercury Vapour, Sodium, and Metal Halide flood lights
• Domestic indoor lighting – LED down lights, Halogen down lights, Compact fluorescent down lights, pendant lights, oyster lights, combination fan/lights.
• Emergency and exit lighting

Whether you are building or refurbishing, office, shop, factory, or your home, our electricians are ready to assist with designing and installing all your lighting requirements.
Huge cost and energy savings are available for commercial installations when you take advantage of new energy efficient solutions. If you are considering installing LED lighting solutions, sensors, timers or other energy saving devices, call us to discuss your requirements.

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