How to Unblock a Toilet

One of the most common jobs we attend is to Unblock a toilet. In most cases, you are able to do it yourself without the help of a plumber -But if you need a plumber, call us 24 hours on 0800 33 66 77. For more detailed information, please visit – how to unblock a toilet

How to unblock a toilet

Toilets are usually blocked by awkward items being flushed down such as nappies or children’s toys but more often or not it is caused by too much toilet paper.

If you suspect your toilet is blocked don’t keep flushing, this will only serve in overflowing it and causing even more work for you.

Unblocking a toilet Auckland

Before you started you need to grab a few provisions. You’ll need the following items:

Rubber gloves
Old newspaper
Wire coat-hanger
Perhaps a flexible cleaning aid depending on the severity of the blockage.

Toilet Plunger

How To Plunge A Toilet
Now you are ready to unblock the toilet. First of all put on the rubber gloves and place the newspaper around the toilet – this will help soak up any water that may escape.

When you have done this remove some of the water and place it into a bucket, before firmly pressing down on the plunger. When using the plunger push down firmly then lift up slowly. Proceed with this action until you feel the water going down the pipe and the toilet unblocking. It takes about ten of these push and pulling motions to unblock a toilet. The idea behind using the plunger is that the suction of the head will draw the blockage towards it and encourage it to go down the pipe.

When you are satisfied that the plunging has worked give it a good wash.

How To Unblock A Toilet – The Coat-Hanger Method
If you have used the plunger method and found that it hasn’t worked then fear not, there is another way of unblocking the toilet – The coat-hanger method.

First of all unravel the coat hanger and feed it down the u-bend of the toilet and move around in a circular motion until the blockage has been removed.

If these two methods have failed to unblock the toilet then use a flexible cleaning aid such as the “Flexisnake” which can be found in most big plumbing supply stores. Just follow the instructions and this should do the trick.

When you think that the blockage has been removed flush the toilet and see if your handiwork has paid off.

Good Luck and happy unblocking your toilet. If the problem persists, please give us a call and we can have our plumbers come out and use our specialist tools to clear the drains. 0800 33 66 77 or request a free quote by clicking here

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