How much does an electrician cost?

The cost of an electrician is……

Electricians Rates

  • Auckland Electrician’s hourly rates vary between $45 & $95ph + gst
  • An apprentice electrician is about $25 to $40pn + gst depending how far through their apprenticeship they are or how competent they are at the task they are doing.
  • Some electrical contractors have minimum 1 hour charges of between $85 & $120 + gst.
  • Some electrical companies have low hourly rates, but have a hidden administration/vehicle charge that offsets the hourly rate. Admin and or vehicle charges can be between $25 & $85 + gst

Electrical work can kill if done incorrectly. You should always pick an electrical contractor that is qualified and has the backing of a reputable company that has the resources, skills, knowledge and experience to give you what you pay for. We can provide you all of that at an affordable price!

Low cost electricians can be time wasters. If the difference in an electricians hourly rate is $10.00 then the cheaper electrician may sit under your house for 15 minutes or not be confident in what they are doing so it takes them longer to carry out the job and you are eventually paying the same price or more.

When it comes to Auckland electrical contractors – you get what you pay for. How much will it cost you if you choose a bad one?

Our electricians are master electricians. That means we carry a $10,000.00 guarantee from The Electrical Contractors Association that the work will be done correctly and to the regulations.

All our electricians regularly attend refresher and first aid courses and are highly competent in what they do. They also go to seminars and display shows to keep up with the latest things on the market so they can advise you on what is new and cool.

All our vans carry the correct testing equipment and parts required for most jobs.

So why not contact an affordable, qualified and reputable electrical company to do your electrical work, our work is guaranteed, we are tidy and professional. We have been providing exceptional electrical repairs and installations Auckland wide since 1999

Trade Guys Electrician cost?

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