Frequently Asked Questions

Some FAQ’s are listed here for your convenience.

What are your business terms of trade?

Our ‘terms of trade’ provides all the information you need, and is available by clicking here

Workmanship Guarantee

We provide a 12 month warranty on all parts supplied and for all domestic jobs normal consumer warranties apply. We aim to ensure that all our customers are satisfied with our workmanship, all jobs are finished to a high quality of finish, that at all times we communicate as the job progresses and that we tidy up at the end of a job.

Do I have to be in attendance?

We are aware of the bad reputation some tradesmen have, particularly highlighted by TV shows such as Target. All our tradesmen are experienced and reliable, and if you are happy to leave us unattended while we complete our work we will do so in a professional manner. However, we understand completely if you prefer to be there while we complete our work.

Do you add vehicle costs on to the bill?

We do have a standard vehicle charge that will be added to your invoice. Call 0800 33 66 77 for more details.

Where we work

Our services are Auckland metropolitan area, from Bombay to Whangaparoa, however we have even been known to work outside these boundaries to meet our valued customers requirements.

Will you come back?

Will you tell-me-if-my-job-has-problems-and-is-likely-to-cost more? Yes we always advise customers if we strike a technical problem which is likely to significantly increase the costs.

Book a job for a specified time

We are able to guarantee a specific time for jobs booked in at the start of the day, but times throughout the day can vary. Our tradesmen will call and advise you that they are on the way.

When does quoting become troubleshooting

The difference between the two is information. An estimate/quote is given when a know quantity of time and materials can be written up to complete a project. For instance… installing a light fixture, ceiling fan, or other item. A troubleshoot is when a problem exists that must be found before an estimate can be given. Since the problem must be found, we are not sure how long it will take to find or the materials that will be needed to make the repair. Troubleshooting is not free and usually takes between 1 and 3 hours. Once the problem has been found we can give a quote to make the needed repairs.

Do you provide quotes?

We are very happy to provide a verbal estimate over the phone for smaller jobs. If on arrival at the job there is likely to be any change to this estimate, we will advise you prior to beginning work. For larger jobs over $1000, we can provide a site visit and written quotation.

When can we start?

We are usually able to book a job in on the same day, or at least the following day, with emergency repairs taking precedent. For larger projects we will work with you to schedule a start time that is convenient.

How much will my job cost?

We offer free quotes and over the phone estimates. Please call the office for current rates and ask about our latest offers! A minimum charge of one hour for each job applies.





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