Emergency Repairs & Storm Damage

We offer the complete emergency repairs and storm damage repair service from insurance claims to carrying out full home repairs. When you need us most, we are there.

We offer:
Electrical & Wiring fixes
Plumbing Leaks. Roofing and Gutter repairs
Building, Cladding, Fences and General Property Repairs
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During emergencies, our electricians, plumbers and builders are in high demand. Call now and secure your emergency electricians, emergency builder or emergency plumber before someone else does – CALL NOW – 0800 33 66 77

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Generally a repair is categorized as emergency if it poses a serious risk to health and safety, the structure of the property or results in the property being insecure.

This list should be used to identify emergency repairs:


  • Total loss of electrical power (but not when a supply company has shut off supply)
  • Unsafe power or light socket or electrical fitting
  • Total loss of lighting to a building.
  • Fuse board has caught fire.


  • Total loss of water (but not when supply company has shut off supply)
  • Burst pipes or hot water cylinders, causing internal flooding
  • Any leak that is a serious danger to the structure of the building
  • Blocked toilet
  • Uncontainable leak on toilet pan, soil pipe/ waste stack.

Heating/hot water

  • Uncontainable leak from heating system.
  • Total or partial loss or heating for an entire building.


  • Dangerous or missing brickwork, concrete or rendering likely to cause injury or damage to property
  • Damaged or missing grates/covers or inspection chamber covers.


  • Defective entrance door or door lock where security of home is at risk.
  • Broken window panel, pane or fastener where security of home is at risk
  • Exterior cladding has exposed internal framing


  • Falling gutters, slates or tiles when dangerous.
  • Hole appears in the roof exposing interior to elements


  • Lift breakdown
  • Any metal work posing a serious danger to health and safety.

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