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At Trade Guys Auckland Plumber, we are proud to offer quality plumbers in Auckland since 1999. Whenever you need a reliable, cheap & affordable plumber in Auckland we are simple phone call away.

Whether our Auckland plumbers are fixing blocked drains or burst pipes, or we’re getting your overflowing toilet back in working condition, our plumbing professionals will tackle any emergency – all while delivering an unbeatable quality of workmanship.
Auckland Plumbing Services
Blocked Drains
Water Leaks
Roof Leaks & Repairs
Pipe Repairs
Residential Plumbing
Commercial Plumbing

Our local Auckland plumbers are easy to find, as we have multiple vehicles traveling the entire Auckland Metro Area to ensure that we’re able to tend to your emergency Auckland plumbing needs when you need us.

We’re just as renowned for our commercial & industrial plumbing services as we are our domestic plumbing – contact Trade Guys Auckland Plumbing today!

Emergency Plumbing: If you are in need of a plumber in Auckland to fix a blocked drain or a burst pipe, then give us a call. We understand how much a plumbing emergency can interfere with your normal lifestyle. This is why our plumbers respond quickly to resolve your plumbing emergency. Typical emergencies include burst pipes, drainage problems, leaking roofs, and running taps.

Roof Leaks * Roofing repairs: We have highly experienced Auckland plumbers who are also great roofing guys who can your roof much needed maintenance to keep it weather-tight so it doesn’t leak.

  • Spouting, Guttering
  • Downpiping and Flashing work
  • Roof Leak locations
  • Roof removal and Reroofing

Hot Water Services: If you need an Auckland plumber that is experienced in handling hot water cylinder units, then we can help. Our Auckland plumbers can install new units and repair old ones. If you are shopping for a new system, we can even recommend a hot water unit that is ideal for your family’s unique needs. To make the best possible recommendation about your hot water system, we will need to ask you some questions about your home and lifestyle.

Plumbing Blockages: The most severe drainage issues are blocked sewers or storm water pipes. Both of these issues can cause flooding and water damage. The signs for these issues are water build up, strong smells and gurgling sounds coming from the drains. The source of blockages is typically due to debris, tree branches, hair, sanitary products and other materials. Give our Auckland plumbing team a call now.

Regardless of the cause, with our camera and location equipment we can identify and locate the source of the blockage and provide the most suitable solution to rectify the problem.

Leak Detection: Concealed leaks can be found in the main water line, underground pipes and any other place where pipes are not visible. This can cause your water bill to increase, as well as lead to water damage and mold. Concealed leaks can be hard to notice, but usually show signs of unexpected water accumulation, discoloration on floors or walls and the smell of mildew.

If you see some signs of a concealed crack, contact us immediately. Don’t wait because that could cause additional problems and increase the costs of future repairs. We use cutting edge Leak Detection equipment to locate these concealed leaks. From there, we can address the issue by repairing or replacing the pipe. Give our leak detection and Auckland Plumbing team a call now to solve those problems.


Auckland Plumbers for Auckland Plumbing

Why choose Trade Guys Auckland Plumbing?

Local residents turn to us for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Operating Auckland Plumbers since 1999
  • Our Auckland plumbers combine industry innovations with conventional methods to deliver highly effective results
  • All our industry approved equipment adheres to strict New Zealand safety standards

Problems with your taps, toilets, water leaks, hot water and drains are inconvenient enough without the extra stress of finding an Auckland plumber that you can trust. And what about all of those pesky plumbers in Auckland who don’t clean up after themselves, leaving muddy boot marks all over your home?

Whether you’re located in South Auckland, West Auckland, North Shore, East Auckland or Central, let Trade guys Auckland Plumbing take care of all your plumbing needs!

Trusted Auckland Plumbers – Auckland Plumbing Services

  • Registered Auckland plumbers
  • New Auckland plumbing installations (Domestic/Commercial/Industrial)
  • Tap repairs & service
  • Toilets
  • Cisterns
  • Urinals
  • Hot water repairs
  • Hot water cylinder replacement
  • Burst pipes
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchens
  • Laundry
  • Water main repairs
  • Roofing specialists
  • Domestic/Commercial/Industrial
  • New roofs
  • Re-roofing
  • Repair roof leaks
  • Moss & mold removal
  • Guttering repairs and replacement
  • Spouting repairs and replacement
  • Downpipes
  • Skylights
  • Ventilation

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