3 phase electricians

Three phase, when you require a little more from  your power supply.

Trade Guys electricians  provide design, installation, maintenance & repair for three phase power supply for domestic residential, and business commercial. We can handle all related problems. Call us now for help with three phase power, wiring and faults. We are on standby and ready to resolve any emergency anytime, call us on 0800 33 66 77.

3 Phase Electricians

Whether you are starting a new business or need to upgrade your infrastructure, we have the knowledge and experience to do it for you. Like any other piece of infrastructure, three phase power systems need periodic upgrades. If your warehouse three phase power is getting old, it is worth looking at upgrading. This can improve both safety and efficiency in your operations.

As qualified 3 phase electricians, we have trained in all aspects of three phase power. When installing and upgrading three phase power we look at what your business requires and tailor a system for you. We inspect your current system to assess its effectiveness and safety, and to evaluate your business requirements. From there we design a new system, or determine the steps needed to upgrade your existing system. With that done, we do complete installation and testing of the new or upgraded system.

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